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3 simple things to attract the attention of a girl

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February 22, 2021

Attracting the attention of the female sex has become one of the daunting task most men try to find answers. Many tend to engage in some of the most unthinkable and farfetched things to get the attention of a girl.

I have personally come into contacts with men who broke the bank in an attempt to get the attention of their a girl.

Over the years , i have noticed the majority of women look for the simplest thing in a man. Though some obviously fancy the luxury lifestyle, others are attracted to the simplest thing a man does.

These are the three things that will give a every man the chance of at least being noticed by a woman.

Look Good

This point might confuse a lot of men out there. Looking good doesn’t mean one has to spend a fortune on tones of clothes and luxurious perfumes. Looking good simply means dresssing well. Attraction begins with the eyes so in other to first gain the chance, you ought to dress well and smell good. Make sure look good in your attire and smell.

Be Yourself

Its always maintaining a different character or personality. In other not to flipflop and disgrace yourself, please be yourself. This allows you the opportunity to thrill her more. Being yourself gives you the free range to explore more of your inward traits. However, any obscene behavior needs to be put in check till you find out she is comfortable.

Be a bit intelligent

Most women are easily attracted to intelligent men. They feel proud and exited to be related to such men. So daily improve yourself whether by reading wide and engaging in comfortable debates.

There are other ways to attract a woman.

4. Be Confident and Pursue Her · 5. Compliment Her · 6. Show Your Interest · 7. Show That You Care · 8. Make an Effort · 9. Be Her Friend

However, the first three are the surest way to get noticed.

Good Luck

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