In a time where doctors, nurses and health workers fight tooth and nail to save our lives during this infestation of our globe by the dreadful deadly COVID 19 disease, some Ghanaians have taken to other means to entertain the majority of us, who have coiled into our homes in order to safeguard the lives of those we care about during these 14 days lockdown.

For without their timely gesture and interventions, Ghanaians all over the world and on social media would be drowned in a pool of depression, confusion, boredom and anxiety during these two weeks of Lockdown.

This little piece is to list 5 of the hundreds of celebrities and social media personalities who have not only sat on the fence and become the periphery but have tried in their little ways to either educate us and keep us entertained at the same time while we stay indoors and try to be good citizens and save lives.

Lydia Forson

She’s not really one of the likable personalities on social media probably due to her stance on feminism but Lydia Forson to me is one strong woman every circle would want as a friend. She’s eloquent, a good actress and an awesome writer who is able to add both wit and seriousness to get her message across. Miss Forson has stood out as one person who on many occasions, has used her Twitter page to drive in the importance of staying at home in this period. She has been bashed for her insistence call on the government to do what is right but has not flinched in any way. Aside from her incessant ‘knock’ on the heads of those in government, Lydia has not stopped entertaining us on Social Media. Her funny TikTok videos are crazy to watch. Each act and impersonation is awe.

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Recently Sarkodie drew the livid side of Ghanaian on social media when he promoted his new video “Anadwo” with King Promise. However, like a master with a midus touch, the king of rap has been able to calm the nerves and emotions of Ghanaians by launching his “Behind the Hitz” concept.

A concept that’s meant to reveal the real and true music engineers and producers behind the hits songs that we hear on our radios and playlist. Music production involves a lot of people but unfortunately, listeners only know of the artists on the song than the engineers behind the song. This initiative has not only entertained us during this period but has also given us an insight into the real “dogs” behind the songs.

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Efia Odo

To me, Efia Odo unpredictability is admired. Predicting what she will do next is quite difficult. With time, Andrea Owusu has developed to be very knowledgeable and thoughtful in her ways. Through this Covid19 period, Miss Owusu has vigorously educated us on the COVID 19 pandemic, it’s prevention and treatment. At a point, her views on Chloroquine contradicted that of POTUS Trump but came out strong with a superior argument backed by the FDA of America. She has not only educated us but depending on what you deem entertainment, she has entertained and keep entertaining us on her social media handles during this dire period.

Clemento Suarez
Many know him as the funny actor or comedian but this lad has just used two days and two videos to again resuscitate his name on the lips of every Ghanaian. With just two videos, Clemento has entertained and educated us on the dangers of Covid19 and why we need to stay at home. His videos has fast dominated every WhatsApp group and timelines of Facebook and Twitter.

Suarez has always been funny but his new videos are master acts and class.

Shatta Wale
Words alone can not express Shatta Wale’s role during this 7 days and still counting lockdown period. From his witty posts on social media to his educative interviews and now his unprecedented blockbuster digital concert, Charles Nii Armah has made a mark for himself.

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Shatta Wale has set the pace for the world to follow. He might not be the first to engage in such a feat but he had however brought energy to digital concert. He has invested enough to educate and entertain us as we stay home and fight this invincible enemy holding the world hostage.
Indeed Shatta Wale still holds the crown as Ghana’s number one musician and entertainer.

There are other celebrities like DKB, Serwaa Amihere, Gary Al-smith, Lilwin, Yvonne Nelson etc who have used their pages to educate and entertain us since the crises and lockdown begun. I want to be believe more will join the above and entertain us for free.
Let’s stay home, observe social distancing and save lives. You might survive but your old folks won’t .

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