One of the best treasures Accra has to offer is its Night life. I’m not in anyway saying that’s all the capital city has to offer but as the Yuletide gets near and 2019 being the year of return for most Africans in the Diasporas, one will be looking for a place to enjoy the evening as he journey all the way back to the country.

I will be telling you where the best pub is to celebrate and enjoy your night life when you decide to spend the evening out having fun with family and friends this Christmas.

  1. Purple Pub
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Located around the Danquah circle in Osu, Purple pub is one of the capitals most purchase pub for both the locals and foreigners. Purple pub has a night life mostly unseen before in other countries and ones security is always assured. Its drinks and food are affordable for everyone and also plays both foreign and local music for all races.


Bloom Bar is a unique bar experience in the heart of Accra in Osu which offers a total different experience as most bars in the capital. As a citadel of its own uniqueness , bloombar generates an atmosphere that allows everyone to enjoy the night in the company of friends and loveones

3.Kona Cafe & Grill

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Also located in Osu Accra, Kona Cafe & Grill provides a stimulating atmosphere for you to enjoy excellent quality, freshly cooked local food and grills. Kona Cafe & Grill is a mainstream casual restaurant with an integrated cocktail bar area that provides friendly, attentive. The space has 3 distinct areas: Island Bar, Grill Kona and Sky Bar.

4. Kikibees restaurant and bar

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Located in East Legon behind the UNIBANK on the Radford University Road-Accra, Kikibees restaurant also provides a bar and a Lounge for your pleasure this Christmas.

5. Kismet Pub

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Kismet Pub and Lounge is located inside Kwashieman. Kismet provides some of the Great beer, great atmosphere for any person who wants to enjoy the night life of the capital

6. Serallio Pub

Open-air bar, restaurant and green space in the heart of Osu. Creators and hosts of Accra’s finest avant-garde events.

7. Venus

Tasty plates of shawarma, hummus and other authentic Lebanese dishes are served up at this all-in-one-venue in the heart of Osu. During the day, Venus doubles as a home office for freelancers squinting into their laptops, but at night it comes alive as cocktails are poured and dance music is turned up, hopefully not disturbing those who are slumbering in the affordable Byblos Hotel above.

8. ApokalypseGH

APOKALYPSE Cocktail Bar is located behind American House Building in East Legon and its only enjoyable on every friday.