Daniel Arap moi
Daniel Arap moi

Former President of Kenya, Daniel Arap Moi has revealed that the secret to a long life is avoiding women at all costs.

The former President believes that the main reason he has lived long is because he has avoided women and spends most of the time playing on the verandah of his house in Kabarak.

Moi was born a few years after World war I. When asked for tips on how to live a long and happy life, Moi responded ” I always spend most of the time in the fresh air playing a lot with my dogs on the verandahs. I hate noise and that is why I prefer staying alone.”

Daniel Arap Moi first became president of Kenya in 1978. For most of his years as president, Moi and the ruling party have had absolute authority over the country’s political and judicial systems. Moi is a tough, experienced fighter, with “country boy cunning” and craftiness in exploiting tribal divisions.

As the pro-government Sunday Times said: “Moi may not have studied politics at anyone’s university, but he has proved himself a real ‘Professor of politics’ in the practical sense.” In 1982 Moi pushed legislation through making Kenya a de jure (by right) one-party state, although it had been a de facto (actual) one-party state since 1969 when the opposition was banned and KANU had begun overriding Parliament in decision-making matters.

Source: Kenya Today

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