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A Business tycoon exchanged Moesha’s soul with Death- Adu Safowaah alleges

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July 13, 2021

A week ago, Ghanaian actress and self confessed mistress of married men, Moesha Boduong announced her repentance and shared her testimony in the Revelation Church.

Following from that, the actress sold her cars and other belongings and gave them out just as its written in Matthew 19:21.

The actress was recently seen in a viral video preaching to an unknown crowd. She spoke about the things she has been through and how she almost committed suicide by jumping from a tall storey building.

Her sudden repentance has caused many to enquired as to what is absolutely wrong with her and what might have trigged her repentance.

Adu Sarfowaah, a television hostess and entrepreneur has taken to instagram to detail what might have happened to Moesha Budoung.

According to her, Moesha Boduong had a stint with one business tycoon and unknown to her, the man exchanged her glory with death. She also asked people close to the actress to be attentive and monitor her movement.

She came across a Business tycoon that not human and had something to do with him…. ( kindly note that, No blame game here cux We all ain’t virgins and ve our dirty skeletons).
The Man exchanged her soul with Death but #JESUS and #mercy said NO. People close to MOESHA should be attentive, monitor her movement, stay close pls …. I prayed for her this dawn and I will do always.
All should remember her in prayers. It deeper. DEAR GOD, pls help us ALL.


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