Controversial musician turn politician, Kwame Aplus, known widely as Aplus has named Nana Hesse Oyiri, a member of the Npp and presidential staffer at the presidency as the leak in the Flagstaff house.

Nana HHesse Ogyiri (left) Nana Addo (right)

According to Aplus, who was livid at a post the Flagstaff worker made at his person on Facebook, Hesse Ogyiri was a sellout and has been feeding the National Democratic Congress(NDC) with information about things that goes on at the presidency.

He also revealed a time where Nana Hesse Ogyiri phone him to snitch on another presidential staffer name Charles Nii Tagoe to him as the individual who leaked his conversation with then CID boss Tiwah.

A plus ended his post by asking Nana Hesse to dare him.

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And who told you they are treated in a cathedral? You are at Flagstaff house fooling. You want people to see that yeah you are the one who can face A Plus. Forgetting that I’m the same person you called one early morning crying and begging me not to mention your name that you are the one who told me it was Charles Nii Teiko Tagoe who released the conversation between Tiwa and I in a WhatsApp group. Was I the one who released that tape? No!! You told me Charles did. I still have your voice recording. You tell people everything that happens at the presidency but you’ll come on Facebook and act gangsters.fooling. You sellout. By the time I finish with you everybody at the presidency will know that you are the one who leaks info from the presidency to the NDC and the media!!! You want a fight with me? Are you sure? Do another post about me or just reply this post like you see something!!! Foolish man!!!