Over the years, Gospel music in Ghana has grown to be passive with many refusing to learn some of the principles and fundamental things of the Lord Jesus Christ. This has intend led to a generation of lazy, ineffective and microwave Christians.

Gospel musicians have tend to sing emotional songs that refuses to lift the name of our Lord high but rather leads Christians and listeners to worry and brood over their situations.

There are but a few Gospel singers with the likes of Ohemaa Mercy and Diana Hamilton who have over the years, understood the basics principles of the Gospel music and have catapulted to a different realm of singing; they lift God high than themselves.

Then there are the new generation of Gospel Singers. MOG music, Perez among others have moved the gospel music from a music of complaint to a music of worship and praise.

It’s not surprising that Adeku Muzik will be among my preferable new gospel talent i have grown so fond of. Listening to her maiden album , i am deeply convinced she’s a candle that can not be hidden.

Her ability to worship God in Church drew my attention to her ; decided to download her song and my oh my, i have never desired to pray to God that much.

Her songs aren’t sorrowful songs like most carnally minded Gospel musicians tend to sing.

Grace Over Fear ; her maiden album has 6 powerful spirit filled that is meant to activate and resuscitate the praying life of the listener. She also has other bonus tracks like Alpha Omega

  1. You Love Me To The Core ( Produced by GOMEZBEATX )

This beautiful well written song talks about God’s love for His children. His unfailing love and Mercy sees no boundaries. Here, Adeku talks about how far she has gone with God’s goodness and love. The listener will eventually come to a point where he/she will comprehend that its not by might nor by strength but by God’s unfailing love, unmerited mercies and unblemished grace.

2. Fight Until The End

In life we often most frequently get to a point where we seem not to move on. We begin to faint and think we can’t succeed anymore. This extraordinary composed song tells us not to give up. Adeku Muzik understands life is not an easy sail. There are storms that are meant to wreck our sail but we ought to not give up. Pursue that dream. Push on to succeed. Fight Until The End. If Life says No , we must say yes.

3. Dry Bones.

Let me bias here. This is arguably my favorite song on the Grace Over Fear album. Inspired by Ezekiel famous interaction with God, Adeku Muzik speaks about how powerful our words are if we lace it with Faith and the word of God. We shouldn’t be quiet and drown in worry but rather speak life to our situation. Powerful and has changed more life since i started speaking positivity into my life.

4. Let It Burn ( Produced by DAVEDAMUZIKBOX )

As born again Christians, the devil always tries in different ways to recapture us into his folds. He uses desires of the flesh, pride and other clandestine approach to win us over into our old life. Here Adeku Muzik is reminding us of such things that can take us away from God and asking God to search deep through our hearts and burn out to ashes any such desires.

5. Closer

6. There’s an overflow

Bonus: Alpha Omega

Adeku Muzik, born Dorcas Adeku is the next big thing to be released into our gospel music scene.

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