African leaders around the continent have thrown their support behind the director of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus after the Ethiopian stewardship of the organizations is being questioned by the President of the United States of America, Donald J Trump.

President Donald Trump in a press briefing, blame the direction of the organization for the pandemic the USA is facing. According to Trump, while the coronavirus was spreading from continent to continent, the United States were advised by the organization to still open it’s borders for China.
As a rebuttal, he has decided to cut down the United States contribution to the organization and has subtly blamed the director of the organization for the deaths in the United States.

Trump’s ccomments has drawn a full out war by Fox News, a news channel with minute credibility, to ask for the head of the Ethiopian. Fox News which has an avalanche of journalists who won’t make the cut for any news media in the remotest of Africa, has used the words of Trump to pollute it’s viewers.

Though Trump later said he was thinking on actually putting words to paper, his remarks has drawn reactions from some African Presidents and leaders.

Former Prime Minister of Chad, Moussa Faki Mahamat in a post on Twitter revealed the African Union is solely behind the WHO director and argued that, the world should be concern with fighting the virus at this time

“Surprised to learn of a campaign by the US govt against @WHO’s global leadership. The @_AfricanUnion fully supports @WHO and @DrTedros. The focus should remain on collectively fighting #Covid19 as a united global community. The time for accountability will come.”

His tweet drew a reaction from Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda who opined that, he also supports the Chadian argument.

“Totally Agree ,and asking this; Is it Dr.Tedros,WHO,China…under attack or all of them together? Let’s focus on the fight against this pandemic,whoever sh’d be held acc’ntable will come later and done properly. Save us too much politics Africa does not need it. Who does?”

Other tweets from African leaders showing solidarity to the Ethiopian