Akuapem Poloo has finally come out to explain how she was invited to the “meet and greet” with Cardi B over the weekend.

It came to light through an interview by Songstress Becca that she did not invite Akuapem Poloo for the event and was quite stunned to see her there in the first place even though she later said good things about her to the American rapper.

According to Becca, she only invited 6 people. Two being Moesha Buduong and Efia Odo and the four being her fellow musicians.

Well taking to Instagram, Akuapem Poloo has explained how she found herself among the celebs at the venue for the meet and greet.

According to her, she was indeed not invited by Becca but rather, a marketing company by name BTL Africa invited her

She wrote

Yes @beccafrica did not invite me it was @btl_africa who invited me I even got there first around 11:46am if I was not invited how then did I got to know about the meet and greet? because it was private one. @beccafrica please just relax okay I remember when you told me Lean on me kid sister and everything that happened that night you made it possible for me. And one more thing I don’t go to places where I’m not being invited. PLEASE WHO IS BEHIND THE @btl_africa if I may ask🖐 #This is my time