Managing Editor of the Ghanaian Lens Newspaper and a former National Propaganda Secretary aspirant of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Godson Kobla Agbeli Fiagbe has taken to social media platform facebook to allegedly reveal the reasons why president Akufo Addo is seen travelling around with his private chair wherever he goes.

For sometime now, Ghanaians on social media have expressed their confusion over why Nana Akufo Addo is always seen on his presidential tour with a special chair. He was seen sitting on this chair on his media tour in the northern region.

Though the presidency has not come out to explain this unprecedented acts by the President, Kobby Fiagbe has alleged that the chair the president is seen travelling with has been specially designed to prevent him from sleeping.

Stating on Facebook, the NDC dyre in wool member disclosed that the chair has a fitted device that delivers mild electrical vibrations to keep the president awake.

The journalist and NDC communicator in a Facebook post which has since been pulled down wrote:

Secret Behind Akufo-Addo’s Seat Revealed

The personal seat that has been accompanying President Akufo-Addo in recent times is not a mere seat. It is indeed an electronic device put together to keep Akufo-Addo from falling asleep.

According to a highly placed, unimpeachable source within the presidency, the seat is actually a contraption fitted with a device that delivers mild electrical vibrations “to keep the oldman awake“.

With time, it became ever more evident that we have to device a way to keep Nana awake at public functions. He has gotten the to the stage where trying to keep him awake at events was becoming a nightmare. So someone came up with this bright idea of implanting a shock-delivering device in a seat that he would have to use at every public function. Where the seat cannot enter a place, for instance where the doorway is not wide enough to allow entry, the handlers of the President must ensure that he doesn’t spend more than ten minutes,” The source told TGL.

Asked how the device works, he explained that, “it really is a simple device that is remotely controlled. The trusted aides handling the remote control are under instructions to deliver a certain level of electric shock to the President at specified intervals. The shock is not delivered to cause him to jolt, but rather to deliver some vibration to keep the Oldman awake.”.

Asked why the presidency is resorting to such subterfuge, the source said, “we are just a few months to an election in which the oldman wants a second-term, it would just be suicidal politically for him to be seen sleeping at public events. It is important that the public doesn’t become aware of how really tired the oldman has become.”

This is why,” the source continued, “the presidency has encouraged the spread of rumours linking the seat to superstition. You know, the average Ghanaian is superstitious and believes in the supernatural. So linking the seat to the supernatural provides a good cover behind which the truth about the seat can hide. Another cover story we are encouraging out there is that these seats, three of them, are special gift made in Dubai and was presented to Nana as a gift.”

In recent times, Mr. Akufo-Addo has piqued a lot of curiosity with his penchant for carrying his “personal seat” along with him to every public functions, including carrying it to studios of radio stations for interviews.