Controversial musician turn political activist, Kwame Asare Obeng, known popularly as A-Plus , has said that Nana Akufo Addo is planning on rigging the December 2020 election because he knows the people of Ghana would not vote for him the second time.

According to A Plus, Nana Akufo Addo has been dishonest with the people of Ghana as he has renerged on all his promises to the people.

Making his points, Aplus said , prior to becoming president, Akufo Addo promised to reduce the size of his government when he comes to power, but rather increased it when he won. He added that, the president promised not to run a family and friends government but later did that when he came to power.

A plus also criticise the government for hounding Anas and Manasseh after promising to implement their methods when he comes to power.

He took to Facebook and posted

“”No government has the automatic right to be elected twice. We should not give government the sense of the right to be elected twice unless they perform and unless they deliver on the promises they made.”

This man right here promised to reduce ministers. He increased it. This man promised not to run a family and friends government, today it is worse. This man promised a stronger cedi. Today the cedi is worse than it was. This man promised to fight corruption by using Anas’ strategy. Today he is fighting Anas. This man promised to protect the public purse. Today he is fighting the Auditor-General and everybody who is protecting our money so that his people like Osafo Marfo can have their way. This man used investigations by Manasseh Azure to conclude that the NDC was corrupt and rallied Ghanaians to vote them out. Today he is fighting the same Manasseh.

If you are asked to define dishonest, just draw this 👉🏽 ○-○ 😆😆😆😆

He knows very well that he does not deserve a second term. And he knows the good people of Ghana will not vote for him twice After the dishonest, lies and failed promises so he is planning on how to rig the elections. That’s the only option left for him now.

Very disgraceful 😞”