Nigeria and Africans wealthiest man, Aliko Dangote is currently having a hard time keeping his numerous side chicks on a leash as a second woman has come out to say she’s having an affair with the respected billionaire.

Last week, a lady with the Instagram account Bea Lewis made a revelation on her page insinuating that she used to have an affair with Dangote.

She posted a picture of herself and Dangote together with a lengthy message about how her heart had been broken 1000 times and how its different dating a billionaire.

Aliko Dangote who is currently married with 3 children has been hit with another scandalous accusation from another woman.

Allaround1 has also posted a picture of Aliko Dangote lying in a cushion with part of his buttocks showing and insinuating she was having an affair with the rich man.

Allaround1 in a Instagram story is reaching out to Bae Lewis for a hangout in Miami