The beef between Shatta wale and Ibrah One didn’t just start today as you might have been thinking.

The beef between the two already existed and it was just a matter of time that the required momentum would have been build for an explosion.

Ibrahim Dauda as hes known by birth is one loudmouth personality who has gained celebrity status because of his luxurious lifestyle and his incessant display of his flashy cars. He has also become notorious for his consistent attack on politicians and fellow celebrities who do not meet his standard of life.

He has gone after the embattled gold collectible company CEO Nam1 and described him as a fraudster who has swindled many through his company. He did not only stop there but through comments on social media, has consistently been on the neck of Shatta wale many times. Calling him a liar and a faker.

It was just a matter of time before Shatta wale pays him back with his own coin.

So when his naked picture got on the internet, Shatta wale just like a Tiger who has gotten hold of it’s preg, went straight for the jugular and tore him apart.

The dancehall king compared the size of Ibrah One penis to a safety pin and deduce that a safety pin was bigger.

Feeling his ego and pride has been bruised and hurt, Ibrah One wore his war dress and met the reggae artist boot for boot.

From one expose’ to the other, Ibrah One insinuated he once had an affair with the baby mama of Shatta wale.

According to Ibrah, Shatta wale should ask Michy if his penis was as tiny as a safety pin. This however did not end there as Ibrah further revealed, Shatta wale lives a fake lifestyle. From repainting his 2014 G-wagon to look like a 2015 vehicle to refusing to pay his mothers 9 months single bedroom rent.

Shatta also hit back by saying a lot of boys also had their way with Ibrah’s wife.

Ibrah later claims to let things lie but we all know Ibrah is not Jesus Christ, he has a penchant of shouting wolf when none exist