Actress Gloria Sarfo has come to the defense of Joint 77 after the musician was blasted on live radio for denying he knows Shatta Wale.

During an interview on Neat FM with Ola Michael, Joint 77 was asked by the host about his past live and how shatta Wale has had an influence on his life. Responding to the question, Joint 77 said he did not know who Shatta Wale was.

Who is Shatta Wale? Is he a footballer or what? I don’t know who is Shatta Wale. I have not met him before” Joint 77 answered.

After the interviews, Ola Michael open up the phoneline for his listeners to call. Unfortunately for Join 77 , about 3 of the 4 callers who called into the program came attacking him for his words.

This seems to have caught the attention of Gloria Sarfo and the actress took to instagram to address it.