American rapper and singer, T-Pain, born Faheem Rasheed Najm has apologized to a number of celebrities all over the world over his inability to respond to their private chats in time.

The “Buy you a drink” hitmaker took to twitter early this morning GMT to make his apologies heard.

“I swear!! I’m just now seeing all these messages and mentions TODAY!!!! How do I super apologize? Press conference? Town hall meeting? I’m dumb”

The more reason his apology has trended in Ghana is simply because the American award winner shared screenshots of his chats with some Ghanaian celebs.

Among them included AMG Medikal, Wendy Shay and Juliet Ibrahim.

Medikal DM-ed the American to inform him he will be in the states in some few days. Wendy Shay on the other told the American how much she was his number one fan.

Its not unusual for celebrities to contact each other on Social Media. So this isn’t something that’s new. However, the way T-Pain made his apology by revealing those private chats was awful and tasteless to say the least.