Anero is a UK based Ghanaian Afrobeat, highlife artist and a Songwriter. His extraordinary talent for songwriting started at a very tender age. Due to his affection for music, he has educated, informed and brought joy to the masses.

In the past when he resided in Ghana, Anero released few singles for his fans.

He further moved to London to join his mother with the view of starting a new life. Whilst in London, he had the opportunity to meet the CEO of Sons of Destiny (SOD) Records who was searching for his kind of talent.

 They begun putting the revolution EP together with support from Sons of Destiny(SOD) Records and JOTB (Jerry on the beat).

Anero will be outdooring the Revolution EP on the 5th of July, 2021 which has four (4) songs


Come Back: This song talks about having an affection for a woman you treated badly and seriously want a comeback. It elaborates the affection, time, commitment she had towards the relationship but you never appreciated it, finally realized your mistakes and can’t do without her.

We Move: This song elaborates on the Pull Him Down Syndrome (PHD) from haters, people who don’t want your progress.  Even when you’re going on in life, they doubt your progress.

Falling:  This song talks about falling in love with Nana Yaa, telling her how beautiful she looks. Assuring her she’s the only woman for you and how you want her to be your eternal love.

Give Me Joy: Also talks about a woman you’re are so much in love with, promised to take her to your family and do the right thing.