The 61st edition of the Grammy awards held in Los Angeles and many Nigerians followed it despite the time zone difference.

They were however disappointed when their star, Burna Boy lost out on the Best International Album category to Angelique Kidjo of Benin Republic.

Many Nigerians were unhappy that Burna Boy lost to a relatively “unknown star.” Angelique Kidjo may well be unknown to younger generations of Nigerians but she has been a star long before many of them began listening to music.

If you are still unconvinced about her pedigree, this picture below just might do the trick.

That’s Angelique performing before world leaders at France’s commemoration of the end of the first world war. In attendance were the world’s most powerful leaders Including Trump, Putin, Macron and Merkel.

Dear Nigerians, Madam Angelique no be Burna Boy ein mate please!!!