An angry husband has reportedly filled his wifes car with concrete after she changed her surname for a supermarket promo.
According to the man, he and his wife had been going through a rough patch in their marriage.

However, her name change was the final straw for him, he claimed.
In the video, man is seen directing a concrete mixing truck as it backs up next to the car and then positions the chute through the car’s open driver’s window.

He then gives the order for the lorry’s load of cement to be poured into the car, filling the vehicle up to the level of the windows.

The final straw in their relationship was when she changed her last name, from his surname to the name of a supermarket, ironically called Veniy (Loyal), the UK’s Mirror reports.
The supermarket had promise a 50,000 RUB (GHC4,000) per month to any customer who’s willing to change their surname to that of their brand.

The Mirror reports that she recently admitted to her husband that she had not been loyal to him, prompting the husband into wanting his revenge.
He came up with the idea of filling her car with concrete because he knew how much she loved the car, keeping it spotless inside and out.