Another Thrilling Nollywood Blockbuster, ‘Breaking Point’ Hits Cinemas In 2020

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December 31, 2019

Nollywood is about to experience a thrilling, and unparalleled  block buster movie, titled the “Breaking Point”.

One of the leading media houses in Nigeria, Vidi360 Productions  has made  a successful grand debut of its first movie project, “Breaking Point”,  directed by Xela.

The  highly anticipated movie, which boast of  great stars and  amazing visuals,  promises to be a colossal cinema hit in 2020.

The star studded movie is packed with over 12 A-list actors in the African movie industry, talented upcoming actors, comedian and some popular BBNaija stars .

Some of the actors include; Gbenga Titiloye, Shaffy Bello, Bolanle Ninalowo, Tina Mba, Fehintola Olukotun, Timini Egbuson, Mc Lively, Tobi Bakre, Diane, Cute Abiola and many more.

The movie, is also set to debut another upcoming star in the person of Fehintola Olukotun as the Female lead alongside Ninalowo Bolanle.

This is geared to be the second mega debut this year, after Living in Boundage successfully introduced a new face, Nnamdi Okeke who had an outstanding performance in the second sequel.

Fehintola olukotun played Kemi Akintola and her talent, professionalism, amicable nature and hardworking spirit shows that “she is here to stay” and will be a formidable force in the industry for years to come.

The casting team no doubt  did a fantastic job as every actor cast, fit into the roles they were given, which brought about a perfect interpretation of the characters in the movie.

Shaffy Bello and Timini created  magic on set as  ‘mother and son’ . Whilst the rivalry between Shaffy Bello (Mrs. Akintola) and Tina Mba (Mrs. Okafor) is a fiery one alongside equally captivating lead actor Bolanle Ninalowo (Dozie) who plays Mrs. Okafors son.

And the interesting story-line corresponds  to today’s contemporary society  as it is centred around  a young lady who sacrificially accepts  and absorbs the pains and abuses of her relationship as  the reward for  marrying from a wealthier class based on her mother’s assumption that wealth is the only source of marital happiness.

Another great element in this movie, is the ‘entertainment meets tech’ aspect which encourages the vastly growing number of African youths who are striving to be leaders and innovators to continue in the pursuit of creativity, self determination and personal discovery.

This movie embodies the major elements of the average personal life of people, which involves business rivalry, love, hatred, glamour and parenting.

Locations & Props

The locations and props were carefully and skillfully  selected and created with great attention to details to ensure the portrayal  of Lagos as a world-class city that befits  the opulent lifestyle of the characters in the movie.

Use of Lighting

With amazing pedigree of the direction team Adams GUD & Oke Abiola, there is no doubt that the standard of lighting is world class. The Ace directors worked closely with other technical crew members to ensure the best quality for your viewing pleasure.

The quality of pictures

Some of the best equipment in the world of image capturing, movie production and editing were painstakingly sourced, so as to create the crispest, clear and aesthetically pleasing picture experience for our befitting audience.

Plot Twist

The plot twist in this movie is unprecedented, as we see an impressive depiction of previously nonchalant Timini Egbuson become a business and techy personality with an innovative app, assisted by his friend in the agricultural sector.

The twist also saw a happy-go-lucky Kemi Akintola devolving into a psychotic rage due to an unexpected twist of fate.

Costuming & Make up

Sodiq Ayinde and Adella, who is known for her beautiful painting in King of Boys pictures, did a great job in putting up stylish, glamorous and appropriate looks on  all actors during production.

And in appreciation of the amazing and professional job done by the cast and crew, the CEO of Vidi360, Ifedayo Oniyide, who was formerly the brain behind Mavin Records Media and promotions wheel expressed his gratitude to the actors and crew members, saying;

“The actors never stopped amazing me, aside the fact that I have a personal relationship with most of them, they were able to give us a professional delivery which is one of our core beliefs at our firm. Their level of humility and the courteous interactions between our crew members, actors and executives on set and even after, has been amazing so far

” I believe we have had a satisfying and amazing production and we cant wait to share the visuals with everyone .


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