The Food and Drugs Authority(FDA) in one of its directives, has bane celebrities from advertising for alcoholic beverage. This embargo has sent many of the Tv stars and celebrities who were making monies from alcoholic beverages have been pushed out of business since the initiative went into motion.

Ghanaian alcoholic companies like Adonko bitters, have crossed borders to engage Nigerian actors, musicians and social media influencers to advertise for their products thereby , shipping dollars into the Nigerian markets.

Well, Wendy Shay, an artist signed under the Rufftown Records, has over the months been on a rant with the FDA about its decisions and how she and her compatriots have lost huge sums of monies because the authority’s directive.

After asking for her compatriots to wake, Wendy Shay has taken the peculiar step to have a round table decision with the authority and brainstorm a way around the law. The singer attended the meeting with her boss, Bullet.

From the facial expression, it seems to be a successful interaction with the authority.

Wendy took to social media to share with her followers how successful her meeting with the FDA was

Now Gh companies are paying Naija celebs big money for endorsement I told Gh celebs to wake up but nobody mind me. If Gh no go wake up I wake up with FDA ..Great meeting,very educative..something big is coming Ghana wake up !!!!

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