Fan of Stonebwoy and member of the BhimNation team, Ayisha Modi has gone hard on Bridget Otoo and Eugene Nkansa of Peace FM for making commentaries about Sonnie Badu.

According to the loudmouth Stonebwoy fan, the Peace FM entertainment producer and blogger’s decision to report Bridget Otoo’s comments about Sonnie Badu was “stupidity at it best”.

Sonnie Badu has been a trending topic for the past week after the Ghanaian-Uk based musician cum pastor posted a photo of himself serenaded by 3 certificates on his social media handles.

According to the preacher, he achieved a degree, masters and doctorate in a period of 4 months and attributed it to the grace of God.
Many Ghanaians found his claims preposterous and unbelievable. Among the many who chose to be uncharitable with their comments was Bridget Otoo.

She tweeted : ” Sonnie Badu be fake no be now”.

This was subsequently reported by Eugene Osafo Nkansa of Peace FM and

Ayisha Modi seems to take offence to this and as characteristically responded to the two. She labelled Eugene and his wife, fools at the end of her unprovoked rant.

Stupidly at it best I don’t blame her I blame the blogger who foolishly posted this. How I wish u were in America to get ur ass sue for not investigating this before posting such nonsense. Some people think that to be strong is to never feel pain. In reality, the strongest people are the ones who feel it, understand it, and accept it.
In Ghana you have to go through the worst to be the best . I always get upset when Some bloggers refuse to post about the well being of citizens making Ghana proud outside but when such people sacrifice to win on their own through hardwork and determination with the level they have reached in life some bloggers create stories to tarnish their image because that the only way they get attention on their blog sites . How can you guys disrespect sonni Badu?? Is he your playing mate ?? What make you guys think he will lie with his achievements?? Lets get some things clear here, If it’s the acclaimed attention you guys say he want, then sorry he have it already not even in Africa alone but internationally recognized as a national asset because he never built his career with false publications to win hearts of lovely people . When you travel outside you learn alot, You can choose to study many courses at a given period of time to be honored, sameway you can choose to do two or more works in a day to get paid if you are not lazy. So for him to get those qualifications in a short period of time I don’t think this is a big deal for you people to belittle him. You guys should learn to celebrate people and stop misquoting them for just a day hype. It doesn’t speak well of a good and civilized country like Ghana. Let’s Protect and promote our own so that we don’t lack behind compared to other African Countries.

Long live Dr Sonni Badu. The world is proud of you 🙏🙏. You are a great Man of God. Let someone try this nonsense again. @sonniebaduuk The world 🗺 is proud of you. Just leave that blogger for me, he is not the only one who knows how to blogger. I will have his time at the right time. I will also blogger about him and his wife soon so he will know how it’s feels. Fools!”