Lawyer and Vice president of IMANI Ghana, Kofi Bentil has praised the Vice President of Ghana, Dr. Mahamudu Bawamia for his decision to cancel Bank of Ghana’s contract with Sibton Switch System Limited and in so doing, saving the country millions of dollars.

The Bank of Ghana has won an arbitration brought against it by the Sibton Switch System Limited for terminating its Master Agreement for the Ghana Retail Payment Systems infrastructure in 2017.

The infrastructure which would have cost Ghana a whooping GHC2.4billion after the procurement authority had agreed on GHC 300,000 was canceled by the NPP government led by Dr Bawumia and the contract subsequently given to the GhiPSS, a subsidiary of the BoG.

The agreement was described as corruptly influence after Sibton Switch which had quoted a contract sum that was 33 times more than the price quoted by the second-highest bidder.

Reacting to the news that Ghana had won the suit against it, Lawyer Bentil has hailed the vice president as being a genius and has gone further to describe him as the best man to lead Ghana.

He took to his facebook page and wrote ; “Sibton Switch victory is proof that Dr. Bawumia is a gem. He saved us Millions of dollars