A bewildered Patapaa has taken shots at Teephlow for describing him as an entertainer and not a musician in the industry he finds himself in.

According to the Swedru based singer whose real name is Justice Amoah , he is shocked as to what informed Teephlow to make those conclusion especially since he is a University graduate.

Speaking to Halifax on Okay FM BestEntertainment , Patapaa said every artist or musician is an entertainer so its quite confusing and disturbing for Teephlow to say he Patapaa isn’t a musician but rather an entertainer.

The “Corner” hit-maker whose “Skopatumanaa” term became a worldwide sensation said

Is a plantain seller an entertainer? After they complete school they forget the meaning of entertaining. A football player is an entertainer. An artist is an entertainer, you can’t go there and throw your hands like that, they will throw you stone. An artist is an entertainer

He went further and said

“So if you come and sit here and say Patapaa is not a musician but an entertainer, Is an entertainer a plantain seller or kenkey? What is the use of the University he graduated from”

Patapaa also used artist such as Shatta wale to prove his point.