Actress and entertainment show host, Nana Ama Mcbrown left a subtle message on her Instagram page that has been deciphered as a response to Mona Gucci.

The veteran actress has come under incessant attacks by Mona Gucci and her fans over how she moderated her entertainment show two weeks ago.

During the said show, Mona Gucci was cornered by the host and her two panelist. The three tried to find out from Mona Gucci if she was indeed an immigration lawyer as she claimed. She was queried by the host and panelist to name the university she had her law studies from and where she practiced her law.

Though Mona Gucci came out with answers to both questions, her answers were unsatisfactory to the host and her panelist.

After the show, Mona Gucci exploded with frivolous allegations about Nana Ama Mcbrown, her marriage and Aplus. In an interview, Mona Gucci accused Maxwell,the husband of Mcbrown of cheating.

In all this, Mcbrown has not responded. But as to how long Mcbrown can hold her peace is the question.

However, the actress penned her decision to Mona Gucci on instagram.

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