“Thou Shall Not Judge” is one recurrent theme in the Christian Bible, but from the look of things, one won’t be far from right to conclude that Bishop Daniel Kwadwo Obinim is one crook and unscrupulous man parading himself as a man of God.

Following revelations coming from the camp of Hon. Kennedy Agyaping, Bishop Obinim doesn’t deserve to even buy the Christian Bible not to talk of preaching the Good News to believers.

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Back to the subject matter, Bishop Obinim has been accused a countless number of times that he has been using, abusing and misusing the ladies in his church not excluding the wives of his junior pastors. Simply put, Obinim has been sleeping with the ladies in his church.

And as usual, on the part of Obinim, he has vehemently denied on several platforms, but taking into consideration the content of the tape you are about to watch or listen, Obinim is a victim to all the buzz in town.

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