Social media influencer, Efia Odo and her nemesis, Sista Afia have finally trashed out their differences and made peace.

The two female personalities have been on loggerheads with each other over a period of 5 years or more. One can not tell exactly how their beef started but it was crystal clear to everyone that the two were not in good terms.

At one point , Efia Odo referred to Sista Afia as a hippotemous and the later also dared to beat up the actress anytime she comes into physical contact with her.

Well, it seems the two have realized it’s 2020 and still harboring such differences will be detrimental to their health and well-being.

Starting their conversation to peace, Efia Odo enquired why Sista Afia hates her guts that much.

According to her, Sista Afia keeps mentioning her name anytime she has an opportunity to talk about something else.

She recalled instances where that happened and said

“I can like your song and not give a fuck about you. Soo many times I’ve gone on live and purposely played your song like “weather”. You stayyyy coming for me and I ain’t even call you. Fella and I had an issue u jumped in. I made a video yesterday you jumped in. You went on 4syte”

She later apologize for any wrong she had done the “weather” hit-maker.

“They ain’t even ask u a question bout me but u still managed to bring my name in it. I like two of your songs don’t mean I hate you woman! If I ever offended you I apologize. Trust me I ain’t a hater or a fighter I’m a lover. Bless up woman”

Sista Afia accepted her apology and said

“You attacked me the first and I wasn’t expecting that from you cos I loved your personality from afar, you made me want to fight you remember that I don’t hate you too! Just that it hurt my feelings I was just a girl coming up I this industry and that from you I was disappointed”

“I appreciate the apology 🤟🏿🤟🏿”