The former president of the United States, Donald J. Trump has again survived another impeachment trial commissioned by the House Democrats at the senate.

After a very politically polarised vote, the Impeachment managers led by Congressman Jamie Raskin of Maryland, an expert in constitutional law, failed to pull 2/3 of the Senates votes to convict and disqualify Donald Trump from ever holding a public office and in effect , cancel every chance he birth to rerun in the 2024 election.

After a final address by the impeachment managers and the lawyers of the President, the House of 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans, 57 Senates voted Guilty and 43 voted not Guilty for the President.

7 Republicans joined the 50 Democrats to vote Guilty .

This will be the second time Donald Trump has survived an impeachment trial.

On January 6th, Donald Trump sermoned a crowd of his party faithfuls, fed them with disputed lies of an election being stolen and directed them to the Capital Hill, where lawmakers had gathered to certify the electoral votes.

The indiscretion by the former president led to the mob attacking the Capital and leading to the death of 5 people including a police officer and injuring a multitude of people.