Award winning Ghanaian tiktoker , Obaapa MizGee has revealed one important secret about successful relationships.

According to the “Best Behaved Tiktoker of the year, successful relationships doesn’t only depend on the looks of each partner.

The award winning tiktoker opined that, having a pretty face doesn’t guarantee you success in a relation.

“being pretty is ok. but that doesn’t mean the relationship will be successful” she said in a conversation with Celebritieshype dot com.

According to her, the strength of a relation also has to do with the financial strength of the partners.

“there’s no pu$$y for a broke guy. Broke guy de33 odo fa wo ho b3n” she added.

The Ghanaian tiktoker, who has built a nitche for herself based on her decency and beauty, has left tongues wagging and shoulders shrugging over her comments.

Her remarks has left our readers battling and excited. Eventhough some disagree with her opinion, our female readers unapologetically agree with her.