Sister Deborah has incurred the wrath of Social media trolls over her stance on the legalisation of LGBTQI in Ghana

After finally commissioning their office in Accra, the topic of whether to legalize or continue to criminalise gays and lesbianism has been trending on the Ghanaian media landscape.

The debate even forced the Catholic Church of Ghana to release a statement condemning the act and asking the government to do all they can to prevent its legalisation.

One of the loudest voices sitting on the other side of the table and vehemently calling for the normalisation of the acts is model and singer, Sister Deborah.

In a series of tweets, the former TV presenter held no bars and lashed out at anyone that seems to disagree with the acts being normalised.

This has however gain her a lot of enemies on twitter.

Tweeps have in a number of tweets trolled her for her stance.

Read some of the tweets