Hitz Fm intentions to comically award personalities in the entertainment industry yesterday, has attracted numerous reactions after the radio event.

One of the many people who found his category absurd and unappreciative is Ghanaian rapper Cabum Chedeshi.

The 34 year old rapper, born Frank Kwame Gyasi- Frimpong who was crowned the Underground Artist of the Year, descended heavily on the organizers by calling them out as bunch of lazy people.

According to the Kumasi based rapper, he has investment enough time, hustle and hard work to be were he is now ,so if the organizers can not respect him and put him under a good category, they better not include his name in their awards program.

He took to social media platform twitter to express his dissatisfaction

Who ever wrote that BullShit on Twitter saying Chedeshi Man be underground,see!!!
Next time u do something like this u better not put me in any category… if u guys don’t want respect urselves be in your lane and Let me be in mine. U have no idea 💡 the hustle, hardwork andinvestment I’ve had to give to get to this point that u don’t respect. If u don’t want to give me credit don’t fuckn discredit me. Sloths!!”

Hitz Fm on Friday evening, organized an award program dubbed Somethingwickedawards.

It was meant to be a satire awards ceremony. Seems Cabum didn’t see the funny side of it