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Captain Smart taken off air after top government officials mount pressure on the radio station owners

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May 06, 2021

Checks done by freelance journalist and former employee of Joy Fm’s multimedia, Manasseh Awuni Azuri has reveals that Captain Smart , an employee of the Angel Broadcasting Limited has been taken off air.

This comes after some unnamed top government officials had pressured the station owners over the journalist posture.

This revelation was first leaked by president of Imani Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe.

In a Facebook post, Mr Cudjoe said “Had a worrying conversation moments ago. Captain Smart’s boss has allegedly asked him to go off air for a while as a result of undue pressure that has been piled on him by ‘high ranking officials in government’. Captain Smart’s crime, allegedly, is that his usual critical commentary on national affairs, is making government unpopular. Really? I hope it is not some over zealous politicians who made those calls. Either way, it paints a gravely intolerant picture. #Fixitnow!”


This allegation was further backed by the award winning journalist.

“After reading Franklin Cudjoe’s post on Captain Smart going off air due to pressure from some top government officials, I did my own checks from multiple source close to Angel Broadcasting Limited, and this is what I was told:1. That Captain Smart has been taken off air. It’s unknown how long he will be away.2. Management has not officially communicated this to the staff of the company. 3. There have been complaints and pressure from some top government officials who are aggrieved by Captain Smart’s utterances on his show.4. Management of the station are concerned about how he sometimes attacks personalities, instead of staying on the issues he discusses. They yanked him off air after several warnings and the complaints/pressure from some aggrieved top officials.”


For some time now, many have blamed the current Akufo Addo administration of subtly introducing back the culture of silence where no one is at liberty to criticize a government. Persons like Sam Jonah and the rest have accused this government of using Machiavellian antics and rules to silent dissenting views.

Forcing a private radio station to kowtow to its bidding goes further to underpin that belief.

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