American hip-hop artist who is set to headline a concert in Ghana in December , Cardi B has been forced to delete a seemingly harmless post she made on social media platform Instagram.

The multiple-award winner in her usually bubbly mood took to her Instagram page to thank Ghanaians for a song that was composed purposely for her.

But unfortunately for the “Bodak Yellow” hit-maker, her attempt to spell Ghanaians ended up in a disaster and upon noticing her “crime” deleted her post swiftly.

In her post of appreciation, the mother of one spelt Ghanaians as “Ghanaditians”

This song is LIT! I can’t believe Ghanaditians did a song for me coming. ARICA IM COMING TO YOU! LAGOS Dec 7th, ACCRA DEC 8″

Cardi B will be in Ghana to perform on the 8th of December 2019.