A Facebook user identified as Maame Ama Adepa has said that individuals who don’t attend the church of Rev Obofour are rather the ones enjoying the toils of his congregation.

Over the weekend, the founder and leader of the Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) organised a party for his wife and triplets. The party was attended by a platitude of Ghanaian celebrities both actresses, musicians and influencers .

Seeing how the celebrities over the years have been milking from the thousands thrown on them by the clergyman, Ama Adepa had to chip this in.

According to her, we have two types of people. She identified one category as the church goers who give offertory to the church and the others, including the celebrities who milk from the party during his organised parties and other ceremonies

We have 2 type of people. Those who go 2 church 2 pay offertory and those who go to spend the money at party organised by the leader of the church “