Controversial Tele and radio relationship counselor, Counselor Lutterodt has argued that coronavirus is causing a lot of erectile dysfunction among Ghanaian men.

According to the popular counselor who is known mostly for his unmeasured criticisms, Coronavirus is not only causing health problems, it is also causing psychological problems. He added that, the deadly virus has brought stress on married men and has also led to a surge in their bills since their kids have been made to come home.

Your temperature can go high because of anxiety. Most men who used to hide beside their works are now going home and some women have not developed the ability to have a conversation with the husbands above 5 mins. Immediately he comes home , she goes to bed. It is causing a lot of erectile dysfunction in marriages” he said.

Counselor Lutterodt, whose real name is Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt made the satement in an interview with Odi Ahenkan of PeaceFm.

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