Controversial Movie Director turned Bread Manager, Francis Dzogbetsi known much as Nebu Ur’ Majesty has unveiled Dan Bassy as the cause of Emelia Brobbey’s woes in her former ‘Fa Me Ko” track.

According to Nebu Ur’ Majesty, the criticism received by Ghanaians was due to an imperfection in the programming of the song. Revealed on his Instagram handle, the movie director has pointed fingers at Dan Bassy for not dedicating enough time to prepare Emelia on the track.

The ‘Okukuseku’ host few days ago released a new track titled, “Odo Electric” featuring Rufftown Records signee, Wendy Shay. The song produced by MOG has welcome lots of applause, as its rating compared to the previous is much more encouraging.

In a post sighted on his Instagram handle, the director wrote;

Emelia Brobbey’s Odo Electric is quiet charming. Was that the same voice behind the ‘Fa Me Ko’ which received lots of criticism by Ghanaians? “he wrote

“Well if MOG could deliver such a work after the insults on the actress, then I think Ghanaians are refusing to spot where the fault came from. I apportion Emelia’s insult as a result of the shoddy work delivered by Dan Bassy. He was the brain behind the insults.

“Poor vocals and programming got Emelia into people’s trap. If patapaa could sing to electrify Ghanaians, then Bassy shd have done better. Kudos MOG. Great job @EMELIABROBBEY,” he added.

Speaking to SoireeNews on comments made on his social media handles, the former director publicized that he has known Emelia to be a fun of music therefore to come out with a song which drew the attention of Ghanaians to condemn her new found career was uncalled for.

He made known that Emelia’s ‘Fa Me Ko’ track would have been embraced if the arrangement of the song and vocal behavior was handled very well.

“Emelia is just a singer. She has no clue technically as to the end product of the song. Dan Bassy was supposed to direct her and correct a few refrains to harmonize her tone with the beat. It didn’t work out like that so blaming her is wrong.

“We know certain people in Ghana who do not qualify even to sing yet the knowledge behind production is splendid. That indeed defines the work of the producer.

He applauded MOG for his guidance towards Emelia’s ambition to prove all her doubters and divulged that Emelia’s devotion to the music course will intensify as she keeps executing her task.

“Odo Electric is a nice track. Infact I was amazed when I heard the song. Is this Emelia doing the vocals or it is an act of Wendy Shay? Pure inspiration by the Kumawood actress. That really shows the competence of some music producers.

“Emelia is a work in progress and will keep delivering till she gets to the peak. Her ability to withstand the pressure of Ghanaians is amazing and I commend her for that,” Nebu added.