Releasing a music video for a song usually tend to be a dilemma for most entertainers and musicians. From getting the right producer for the video to making sure the video does not divert from the song is one vital thing most musician pray to get right, most importantly when you are an up coming artist.

Well, Ghanaian artist Dahlin Gage has taken the Lord Paper approach to getting fame. Yeah, i bet you remember Lord Paper, very talented but his choice of music video limited how far he could go with his talent.

Dahlin Gage seems to follow the same path with his ‘Bed Time’ music which has set Social media on fire.

The video can best be described as a soft p0rn as the content is laced s€xual imagery throughout. Youtube had no choice but to make sure viewers of the video were above 18years and have permission to watch.

This video perhaps surpasses Lord Paper’s Ewurama music video released in 2017 which almost derailed his music career after the public expressed their utmost disdain about the music video.

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