Lydia Forson

Celebrated Ghanaian actress and producer Lydia Forson has called on Ghanaian musicians and rappers to ply their trade in the language there are comfortable in.

According to the ‘unapologethick’ actress and activist, raping and singing in ones language does not take anything away from the person if the tune is good. She further named musicians such as Angelique Kidjo and others who ply their trade in their language but have gone ahead to win awards such as the Grammys.

Dear Ghanaian Musicians, Please sing/rap in the language you’re comfortable in. I listen to Swahili music without knowing the words but it makes me feel good; Angelique Kidjo has won 4 Grammys singing in her language. I’m sorry but this tweet makes me uncomfortable “her tweet reads.

Her tweet comes after Ghanaian filmmaker, YouTuber and songwriter Malik Ofori took to tweeter to say Ghanaian musicians to start singing and rapping in english if they want to go far in their music career.

According to him, Ghana music has not reached the level of Nigerian music because we do our music in twi.

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