Shatta Michy has called on television presenter and actress, AJ Poundz to not project her fears on her.

Her comments comes after the actress described her decision to leave Shatta Wale’s life after all they have been through together as unwise and a bad decision.

In an interview with Zionfelix on his “Uncut” program, AJ Poundz positioned that, since Shatta Wale had apologized for his mistakes, She should have forgiven him and desisted in moving out.

But in a post on Instagram,Shatta Michy said her decision to move out from Shatta Wale’s life was an intuition she got from God and she has achieved a lot for herself since she moved out including buying her own house and enrolling in a law school to become a lawyer.

Dear @ajpoundz_gh ,pls don’t project your fears on me. My only advisor was God(intuition) & you’re not wiser than Him sis.
It’s cuz of advisors like you that women are stuck in unfulfilling relationships. The fact that I built something with someone doesn’t mean he owes me, let’s not feel entitled. If I could for someone, I can equally do same & more for myself with the help of God. For a girl that left all her belongings behind to acquiring 2 houses in less than 2 years of being single , enrolled myself in law school amongst other blessings, me sef I shock give God(In His time He makes all things beautiful) & I’m really enjoying His endless wonders . I doubt you’re done breastfeeding your baby, focus on that🙏 #love #light