For years now, the Ghana Most Beautiful brand has lost its credibility and integrity among it thousands of cherished lovers. Many have come to the conclusion that, the Television network already has its favorite and will put in anything to actualize it.

For a while i have not been following the show. I do so once in a while. I am not an ardent fan as I was during the inception of the show but watching part of it yesterday made me appreciate why many people end up being livid when their favorite loses. The voting system is skewed, rigged and manipulated towards the discretion of the judges.

During the finally yesterday, either Coockie or Anita positioned that, there is a new twist to how the winner will be selected. According to her, the voters gets 40% while the judges whose job it is to get the best in the final gets 60%. How ridiculous.

I will give three scenarios why this is bogus and who ever came up with this system should be drag out of the premises of TV3. One would expect that in an era were trust is a holygrail and rare commodity, TV3 would do everything to protect the little it has.


One of the main reason why the Nigerian reality show has gain such an astonishing amount of following over the years is the decision to give the choice of who the winner is to the voters. The voters have been given the sole right to pick who shares their beliefs, principles and who bond really well with them. Its easier to walk with a leader you like and share a bond with than even drink water serve by someone who have no bond with.

During this year of the show, the organizers tried to do what TV3 did, maybe in a different way but they tried a new twist. In that twist, Angel who had less votes than Pere would have excel to the next stage while Pere gets eliminated. That got viewers/voters angry and immediately the show found a way to reverse that decision. Trust fizzled a bit but was restored.


The EC of Ghana administers the elections in the country. Imagine a situation whereby the EC decides to reduce the votes of Ghanaians to 40% and gives itself 60% under the disguise that it knows who is more qualified?. That power of the EC only existed during the vetting of the nominees. After that, Ghanaians decide who they want to lead them or who they want to win. Its that simple.


In the University, the number one tool adopted by most lecturers to grade student is either 25% class attendance, 15% class test and the rest is for the final exams. They give the student the chance to pull through and gives the bigger share to him or her in the final exams.

TV3 did it job to get the best females in the finals. The inception selection face where 16 females were selected. For weeks, TV3 reduced the number in order to get the best ladies in the final.

At that point, the organizers ought to leave the viewers to make their choice. TV3 had only one job and that was to push the best females to the finals and allow the voters made their choice. But just like any corrupt individuals beaming to steal the spotlight, they had to ruin the beauty of the show.

In all the scenarios listed above, the organizers did their portion by making sure the best candidates appear on the screens or on the ballot. The winner is left for the voters. It will only make sense if TV3 tells us that aside the eventual winner, none of the others qualified to carry the crown.

TV3 has proven beyond doubts that its not ashamed and not ready to learn. Controversy doesn’t build brands, it drives rational people from it.