Ghanaian budding actress, entrepreneur, socialite and #FixTheCountry activist, Efia Odo who recently emerged from her self imposed sabbatical has dragged Victoria Lebene, for trying to ridicule her stance on the country.

For some months now, Efia Odo has been loud on social media about the state of affairs of the country and has called out the government for not taking steps to cater for its populist. She was even arrested some few weeks ago for charging #FixTheCountry at the premises of the Accra High Court.

Seems all this didn’t get the attention of the “licking husband forgiver” but rather her choice of attire was the piercing dagger in her heart.

Reacting to the recently held successful #FixTheCountry the country protest, Victoria Lebene ridicule Efia Odo by opining that, Fixing the country begins with fixing your dressing.

In a rebuttal Efia Odo has accused Lebene of pimping girls to men. She even narrated a day that the wife of Eugene Nkansa tried to pimp her out to a man for $2,000