Popular social media personality and actress, Efia Odo has started a debate on Twitter by referring to God as a “she”.

In a post she made on the social media platform, the actress who also present a show on Kwese Tv, disclosed that she was making a call to God but ” she” put her on hold.

Calling God, She put me on hold 🤦🏾‍♀️”

Well her reference to God as a female did not go down well with most of her followers, who obviously didn’t get the drift of her post

Read some of the replies

However, there’s this belief that English has no non-gendered pronoun, and most of the people writing holy works were surrounded by a much more patriarchal society.

God was powerful, intelligent, and a provider and in their time those were exclusively male traits.

So it’s usually okay for people to use any pronoun to define God as they fit so but it’s wrong to overdo it.