She has tried over the past years to send a picture of a strong woman who can swallow anything and everything thrown at her but behind that broad smile and astonishing beauty, lies an emotionally beaten, bruised and weary lady.

Her infectious smile, gobsmacking beauty and most importantly, her desire to always acquire knowledge is one thing I want to be fixated on anytime her name is mentioned.

But here lies a gem whose desire to live her life wildly in a patriarchy society where much emphasis is placed on a lady dressing is stampede upon with some wild opinions.

Efia Odo might try to deceive society that their opinions about her doesn’t get to her or under her skin but truth is one, and recent events shows she’s hurt down to the marrow.

I have come across many videos of the actress stating how crazy she’s. In one video the actress went off at her perceived haters and warn she will go out naked to prove to people that’s she’s indeed crazy.

These are signs of a depressed person who needs help. The signs might look covered but bet you me, Efia Odo needs our help. And to make matters worse for the damsel, she’s apparently no more with Kwese Tv.

There have been instances where she has gone off, deactivated her social media accounts at the slightest hurt and pain.

Efia Odo is not a hard girl as she wants us to believe, shes only a sweet girl who has been broken, bruised and hurt by how her attention-seeking antics comes back at her.

Let’s be cool on her with our opinionated views about her person.