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Efya only introduced Moesha to the person who bought her $42,650 Ranger Rover for $15,000

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July 14, 2021

Efya Nokturnal seems to have reacted to the allegations that she financially abused her friend Moesha Boduong after introducing her to hard drugs.

Earlier this morning, popular celebrity blogger, Cutie Julls accused the singer of buying Moesha Bodoung’s Range Rover Evoque with a market price of $ 42,650 for $15,000.

According to the blogger, Efya knew very well Moesha wasn’t stable mentally but ignored that and took advantage of her.

In a follow-up to her earlier allegations, Cutie Julls has again revealed that the “best in me” singer has send proxy persons to send her direct messages with her side of her story. They opined that, Efya didn’t buy the car as its being alleged out there but rather she only introduced Moesha to the potential buyer.

Her explanations seems not to have watered Cutie’s anger .

She posted ”

please kindly stop sending people to send us DM.Madam, you say you did not buy the car but You only got Moesha a buyer instead? Really? Range Rover Evoque for $15k? Your so called very very close friend in this her present mental state?What kind of Friends are you people? Efya, bring the car pls. Whether na you or the so called “buyer” cuz it all boils down to you. Is that what you do to a friend in her present state?If Moesha was herself and decided to sell the car for $1, that would have been perfectly fine but not in her present state.I repeat, all of you are thieves. Moe was and is just surrounded by so many bad people whose true characters have shown in this period. It’s bad and distasteful.Efya please where is Moe’s car? Why did you tell Nana and Co that the Car deal is sealed and cannot be reverted?Efya, you know Moe is not the Moe you used to know. What you so called friends of hers are supposed to be doing is to help her and not this nonsense all of you are doing.Oh she says she wants to sell this so fine. Let’s buy it or “find her a buyer”. Some of you will even hide behind your boyfriends and ppl close to you to do the purchasing on your behalf.”


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