Ghana’s fastest growing offspring of the McDan Group, Electrochem Ghana Limited chalked one year yesterday.

Electrochem Ghana Limited, a salt and chlor-akali manufacturing company, located in Ada has been in business for just a year but has left a remarkable impact on the citizens under its enclave.

As a salt and chlor -akali manufacturing company, Electrochem Ghana Limited in a space of a year , has employed over 1,000 individuals, both primary and secondary employees.

The manufacturing company has also through diverse ways supported the livelihoods of the indigens in its catchment area. Aside helping support the widows in Ada, the company has also made it a priority to put up numerous infrastructure buildings to augment the various social responsibility programs it has started.

Electrochem Ghana Limited is not just any manufacturing company but one that boast of using the right sustainability principles and procedures to sustain the environment and business at large which makes sure that the environment, air and other surroundings are protected and sustain.

Located on a 43, 000 acre land, Electrochem Ghana Limited biggest the biggest salt manufacturing company in Africa.