Emelia Brobbey and DKB trade jabs

Celebrated Kumawood actress cum musician, Emelia Brobbey has described popular comedian DKB video about her after she released her song ‘Fa me ko’ as hurting and unsympathetic.

According the actress who was having a one-on-interview with Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, she was surprise DKB will join the multitude of trolls to mock her .

On December 12 when the actress music went viral, DKB released a video on his various SM handles labeling the actress a worse female version of Daddy Lumba. In the video, DKB asked why Emelia Brobbey had release a bad song at such a time. He however rated the actress 75% for passions and attempt.

Seems his video wasn’t taken lightly by the “fa me ko” crooner who found it insulting and made her feelings heard on radio.

DKB after hearing the actress reaction on air, took to twitter and wrote

I hear @EmeliaBrobbey is on @Hitz1039FM with @andydosty saying she was hurt I trolled her, I never did I informed her about trolls. This is why comedy is sufferin in this country, taking things by face value, watch again, I rated her a good 75% in the video Insult her for what?

Andy Dosty upon seeing DKB’s response on twitter, read it out to the actress but she still refused to accept DKB’s assertion of things and said “ Rated me where? I won’t say anything to him. What goes round comes back around.”