AMG rapper Medikal has finally awoken from the laps of his wife to respond to Eno Barony a.k.a the rap goddess for dragging his name in her beef with Sista Afia in the most bizarre way.

Readers will remember not long ago, Eno Barony released her diss track titled ‘Argument done ‘ in which she labeled the Sowutuom rapper as the person writing verses for Sista Afia and used the opportunity to drag him through the mud.

Well, Medikal has finally sprung up clean dishing words upon words at the ‘rap goddess ‘.

According to Medikal, Eno looks like a dead person/ corpse and he has no time recording a diss track at her.

He went further to reveal instances where he freely gave out verses for her on an old song and was willing to do same if she had approached him for one, instead, she chose to tarnish his image in her rap beef.

He made his feelings heard in a series of emotional tweets.