Its hurtful and painful when ones work is stolen but its more painful when the victim Is not known.

Mr Drew, an artist under Kaywa has come under a barrage of attacks over his decision to steal (well according to his camp it was a cover) Rotimi’s Love Rinding song. In a press statement, Kaywa described it as a miscommunication.

Yeah, miscommunication my foot. Stealing is stealing. No amount to sugar coating , adjectives or euphemisms could be used to belittle the act.

How do you say it’s a cover when you employ the expertise of an international superstar like Stonebwoy? Stonebwoy is above that and it’s an insult to his brand.

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Let’s backtrack a bit. This is not the first time these chap have been accused of stealing a rythem or a song. The two including Kaywa were accused by Kurlsong of stealing a song meant for him. Kurlsongx who was supposed to be on the song , accused Kaywa of giving out the song to Mr Drew and Krymi.

Apparently, Kurlsongx was not the legitimate owner of the song. It has now come to light that, just like how they tried to steal the song on Rotimi, these folks clandestinely stole the Dw3 song from a chap called Rasteo Gh.

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Rasteo Gh is not popular or known in this country so his works, efforts and resources were glanced over.

Watch video:

Mr Drew, Krymi and Kaywa in their effort to legalise their thievery, went ahead to have Sarkodie as a feature on that track. Same way they did Stonebwoy.

Rasteo Gh has been in pain over the last 10 months over this obvious theft but Ghanaian, being ignorant and mostly selfish, have left the lad to his fate.

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Enough is Enough. It’s about time we call them out and ask them to sit down and chew some corn or produce an original song. The disgrace is too much

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