FADED GLORY: Suzy Perez son speaks about his mom's treatment on social media - Celebrities Hype

FADED GLORY: Suzy Perez son speaks about his mom’s treatment on social media


FADED GLORY: Suzy Perez son speaks about his mom’s treatment on social media

The son of Dominican model and dancer Suzy Perez, Savion Perez, has taken to his Instagram story to speak against characters, who have decided to use his mom’s unfortunate situation to seek attention.

Savion Perez

According to Savion Perez, a transgender, people find joy in videotaping his mother and highlighting what she’s going through but that isn’t helping her.

Suzy Perez

The lad stressed that, his mom is struggling with depression, poverty and bipolar and as a woman of color wondering on the streets, videotaping her and tagging hip hop stars etc wasn’t the right way to go.

Suzy Perez

A livid Savion added that ,his mother wasn’t a social media topic for people to churn on.

Meanwhile, Savion Perez has opened a petition in Go get me where she asks people to donate for her mother’s rehabilitation. The young chap strives to get her mother out of drugs and street life.

“My mother suffers from depression, bipolarity, schizophrenia and dementia. He also has a herniated disc and suffers from a childhood trauma that he has not yet managed to overcome. […] My goal is to make it clear again so that it can be part of my life again and I hope it accepts me, “says Susie Perez’s son.

Suzy Perez, a famous model who use to the role with the creme de la creme like Puff D.ddy and Jennifer Lopez was spotted on the streets of New York looking dirty, weary and tired.

Its rumored the Dominican model was lured by an Italian mafia, which posed as a model agency to get her to smuggle drugs to its clients.

The model was reported to be raped, tortured and drugged by her captors

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