For two days now, a section of Ghanaians on social media have adopted the hashtag #FixTheCountry to put pressure on the Akufo Addo government to be up and doing.

This online protest comes after the government recently increased fuel prices and introduced new taxes into the system.

According to the government, the new austerity measures and draconian taxes were needed to help government raise funds. This however directly contradict what the Npp government said during the President Mahama government.

During the time, Akufo Addo and his then running mate, Dr Bawumia accused the Mahama government of over taxing Ghanaians and said when they win power, they will rather tend to production than to taxation. Fast forward and that has turn out to be a fallacy.

As if that wasn’t enough, Ghanaians are struggling to deal with the instability of power supply, the unavailability of water and job.

This also coupled with stagnant salaries has forced a section of Ghanaians to call out this Npp government for its mismanagement of the country.

Celebrities and socialites like Bridget Otoo, joey B and Efia Odo are so far the notable individuals who have joined the calls.

Read some of the tweets: