Nana Frimpong, the father of Ama Venessa has lashed out at Funny Face over how he has treated their daughter on social media.

Speaking to Ola Michael on Peace Fm’s entertainment review, Mr Frimpong accused the comedian of being fake and untruthful.

According to Venessa’s father, Funny Face is an idiot and a fucking mad guy who takes to social media to disgrace their daughter. Mr Frimpong couldn’t understand why Funny Face, who is yet to pay “nkwasiabuo nsa” has rather chosen to embarrass their daughter like that.

Mr. Frimpong also corroborated his daughters claim that Funny Face kicked her in the abdomen when he know very well that she had just had an operation during her delivery.

Stating what his next course of action will be, Mr Frimpong indicated that he has already reported Funny Face to the chiefs and elders of his town and they will move on from there.

Funny Face has become the talk on social media for some time now over his decision to broadcast his situation with his baby mama on social media.

The comedian accused his daughters mother of abusing him and using their daughters to hurt his feelings. He also accused her of cheating with her ex boyfriend.

Ama Venessa in a series of interviews, has denied Funny face accusations and has rather labeled some on her own. According to her, Funny Face is a fake person and an abuser. She recounted incidences in which funny face had to shoot his dog because it preferred the audience of Venessa.

Seems this lingering story will never come to an end. Lets embrace ourselves for more updates